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4 ways to up daily water intake

4 ways to up daily water intake
13 May 2022

Drinking enough water every day isn't as easy as it appears, at least not for some individuals. Water, after all, is flavourless, so it doesn't pique your interest the way sodas and other sweetened beverages do. Plus, if you have a hectic schedule, getting the proper quantity of water each day to keep hydrated might be difficult. Experts also suggest drinking water from the water filtration system. Here are 4 excellent ways to up the daily water intake.

Consume water-rich foods
If you don't want to drink a lot of water during the day, try water-rich snacks instead. Keep in mind that food accounts for around 20% of your daily hydration consumption. Foods that contain more than 90% water include watermelon, cucumber, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, strawberries, and celery. 

Avoid soda
When you feel thirsty, reaching for a drink or fruit juice may appear to be a safe approach to hydrate. These drinks, on the other hand, cause more damage than benefits. Sure, they're delicious, delectable, and occasionally bubbly, but they don't just destroy your health and teeth; they also make you thirstier.
Sugars included in sodas and juices, such as glucose and fructose, can cause tooth decay and prevent the body from receiving the water it requires. These beverages' high sugar content can also induce the body to produce hormones that help to reduce blood sugar levels. The body, on the other hand, frequently releases too much, resulting in crashes that leave you feeling exhausted, angry, & hungry.

Keep a reusable water bottle
A reusable water bottle is a reliable and ecologically responsible method to stay hydrated throughout the day. You may store them everywhere as a visual reminder to drink more — in the living room, by the bedside, in the gym bag, in your handbag. Filling up a nice-looking, extra-large vessel on your desk each morning and drinking during the workday might be a practical approach to keep your water intake up, especially while you're out and about for the day. When water is directly next to you, you're more inclined to drink it.

Set water goals & track regular water intake.
Setting explicit water goals and tracking every ounce of water you drink is another great approach to ensure you drink water throughout the day. It's simple to make sure you're receiving enough water by scheduling your water consumption, such as two glasses for breakfast, lunch, & supper.

There are several benefits to being hydrated throughout the day: it aids in bodily cleansing, promotes weight reduction, improves physical performance, improves complexion and attractiveness, and so forth. But maybe even more astounding is the fact that it may help you avoid heart failure.