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Benefits Of Water Pressure Pump Covers

Benefits Of Water Pressure Pump Covers
25 Sep 2017
Water pressure pumps are made to function in the open. Thus, without any kind of protection, they can be get affected by the sun’s harmful UV rays, soaked in rain and face the extreme weather in Cork.
This is why, you should cover them to ensure proper safety.
Benefits of pump cover
There are three main benefits of pump cover:
Protection from corrosion – covers protect the pump from corrosion due to weather thus, extending its life significantly.
Noise reduction – pumps can be loud and disturbing. Covers can be really useful to reduce the noise.
Aesthetics – along with the above mentioned points, pump covers are used to increase the aesthetic appeal of a tank.
Water Pumps Corrode
Don’t think that just because your tank pump is installed under semi-cover of a deck, house soffit or like, it would have sufficient cover from the elements. Pressure pumps will corrode over time and have their life dramatically reduced by the weather if exposed. A pump cover isn’t expensive to buy, looks much nicer and will save you hassle and money having to buy a new pump earlier than you would have.
Water Pumps Make Noise
Even the pumps that claim to be silent can still have some people complaining about the annoying noise. If the pump is located next to a bedroom or neighbour, then the noise it generates at night won’t be appreciated. Thus, the easiest way to reduce your pump’s noise level is to cover it. Get the best quality of pumps and their covers from a  water pump supplier in Cork.
Water Pumps Look Awkward
If you have ever had a pressure pump just sitting out in the open, you would know that this electrical component looks somewhat like a machine. An uncovered water pump especially in the patio area, can drag attention of your guests when it is required to be switched on. Pump covers can be purchased in colours matching with your water tank. They simply fit over the top like a box, and your pump is no longer in sight. Furthermore, pump covers provide a shelter to keep it fully safe when it rains or hails and it will thank you by staying operational for many years.
This means that water pump covers must be included with the water tank. If you are looking to purchase a rainwater tank, when requesting a quote, just ask to include a pump and cover
To unearth more interesting facts about water pumps, stay tuned to our blog space.