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How Can You Enhance the Efficiency Of Water Pumps?

How Can You Enhance the Efficiency Of Water Pumps?
11 Jan 2023

All facility be they residential, commercial or industrial needs the support of a water pump. A properly functional water pump can extend the efficiency of the building. When you have a properly working pumping system it can make your life easy, but to have that one has to ensure the water pump has been taken care of. This will extend the life of the water pump in question and also enhance its efficiency. Let’s look at how you can extend the efficiency of the water pump:

Periodical Servicing:

A pumping system that has been routinely maintained will use less energy and perform to its full potential. Routine maintenance can reduce electricity costs by 7%. Some of the important parts that need to be maintained are - bearings, impellers, mechanical seal, motor alignment and packing seal. When the servicing agent spots signs of discrepancies in these parts they immediately replace the old parts with new ones.

Avoid Pump Oversizing:

An oversized pump will waste a lot of energy while providing less-than-efficient performance. The motor in an oversized pumping system has to work harder to maintain proper flow and pressure when pumping the liquid. Oversizing can occur as a result of incorrect pumping system selection or the addition of multiple safety factors. Thus, before adding new features, an engineer must carefully calculate the size of a pump for an industrial facility and may consult with the manufacturing company or distributor.

Avoid Unnecessary Use:

The unnecessary use of water-pumping devices results in excessive electrical power consumption as well as a reduction in water-pumping device efficiency because each component must be overworked. As a result of unnecessary use, various components of a water pumping system will be damaged or worn out, necessitating frequent repairs or replacement, resulting in additional expenditure. To improve the efficiency of a water pump, it is critical to turn off the water pump when not in use and to use pressure switches as needed.

Reducing The Pressure On The Machine:

To reduce energy consumption and minimise the drop of pressure in the water pump, one must follow certain things. To enhance the hydraulic pressure of the straight pipe a lot of changes can be done. Such as enhancing the pump size, increasing the length of the pipe, changing the material of the pipe, and reducing surface roughness.

These are some of the ways using which you can not just extend the life of the pump but also its overall efficiency.