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How To Select The Right Pump For Irrigation Purposes?

How To Select The Right Pump For Irrigation Purposes?
08 Aug 2022

A smooth irrigation system is crucial for the proper yield of the crop. When the irrigation system in an agricultural farm is not working properly, it can lead to several problems for the farmer. Less than an adequate amount of water for a certain crop can even lead to crop failure. Thus, having an optimal flow of water running through the farm is essential to help grow a crop. But there are several service water pumps and pumping solutions available in Cork. But not every pump is perfect for irrigation purposes. What are some considerations one must consider before selecting a pump for irrigating the land:

Discharge & Pressure:

Discharge and pressure are widely used to describe how evenly water will be dispersed and how much water will be consumed. Crops in sections of your farm that receive insufficient water will not grow as well as those in places that receive appropriate water for optimum growth. However, it is crucial to remember that too much water may also be harmful, washing key nutrients away from where they are most needed and potentially causing soil erosion over time. Thus, a pumping solution, whether using a service water pump or any other must be chosen carefully.

The Source of Water:

Water was previously thought to be an unlimited resource until a few decades ago. Unfortunately, the situation has now been reversed, and there is a severe lack of water in all parts of the country, even in Cork. This implies you must take the necessary precautions to guarantee that water is effectively handled on your land. Groundwater from wells, springs, or bore wells, surface water from lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, and other non-traditional water sources such as reclaimed water, drainage water, desalinated water, wastewater, and so on are common sources of irrigation water. A water pump solution’s service is required across farms around Cork to maintain a steady flow of water from the source to ensure optimal growth of the crop.

Types of water pumps as per usage:

Based on the source of water, it is critical when it comes to deciding the type of pump to use. Here's a general guide on which water pumping solution works best for which water source in Cork: Turbine pumps and deep-well submersible pumps are ideal for drawing water from deep undergrounds, such as thought wells and bore-wells. One benefit of utilising submersible pumps with groundwater is that the pump is not visible, minimising the possibility of theft and reducing pump operating noise. When it comes to surface water, there are various types of service pumps are available in Cork.


Agricultural pumping in Cork, Ireland is a significant expenditure, and like with any significant company expense, you must ensure that you obtain the best potential return on your investment. Thereby, it is important to do proper research on the type of pump. Before you set foot on any water pumping solution in Cork, you must do a cost-to-benefit analysis before investing in the water pump.

These are some of the many considerations a farmer can go through before selecting the perfect water pump for irrigation. Depending upon the usage and source of water, the choice of pump for irrigation can differ significantly.