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Is It Possible To Take Showers In Harvested Rainwater?

Is It Possible To Take Showers In Harvested Rainwater?
05 Dec 2017
Most people are comfortable with washing clothes or flushing toilets using rainwater. But experts say that rainwater is completely safe for bathing and showering. Also, bathing in rainwater has some great health advantages.
Rainwater Is Kind On Your Body 
Rainwater is soft by nature, this means there are less minerals dissolved in it than hard water. Your hair loves water that is soft, has a neutral pH and is free from heavy metals. And rainwater has all these properties. For the same reason, if you have sensitive skin, it can reduce some symptoms.
Detergents and soaps also work more effectively in soft water. Substantial amount of lather is formed and you won’t need to use as much to get clean. This means your soaps would last longer than they usually do with hard water.
Do You Need To Take Any Precaution? 
To enjoy the refreshing feeling of a rainwater shower or bath, you mustn't treat it heavily. It is already safe. You just need to have a filter in your rainwater system, but whether you need it or not depends on the pollution of your area.
However, if a person needs to filter the water more, there is a number of additional cleansing processes that can be added to a rainwater harvesting system. One common example is to install UV light over your tank, which kills harmful bacteria. These enhanced filtration process can be purchased from the professionals who provide  water treatment systems in Cork
They can give you expert advice to understand whether you need additional cleaning equipment or not and how to choose the right size of the tank for harvesting rainwater. Remember, if you're planning to use rainwater for bathing and drinking, it’s important to have enough storage.
Water Savings 
If the area you live receives abundant rainfall, rainwater harvesting is the best option you have. Rainwater systems reduce your water bill significantly, and allow you to use your stored water as per your requirement. It also keeps you away from water restrictions in drier months. If you feel like having an indulgent bath, you can have one knowing that the water is clean and is in its purest form from the sky.
Rainwater harvesting is a great way to make cost savings and use natural resource for daily uses. However, before installing such a system, you must contact a professional water treatment company.
To know more about rainwater harvesting, stay tuned to our blog space.