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Types of Water Filtration Treatment Systems That Are Commonly Installed

Types of Water Filtration Treatment Systems That Are Commonly Installed
27 Jan 2023

Water is one of the most basic resources that is commonly used everywhere. From residential, commercial, agricultural to industrial areas all require water to operate properly. But in different geographical locations, the quality of water differs in terms of quality. While in hilly areas, where you get water directly from rivers, the quality of water is much better. As these sources of freshwater start to come in touch with human activity, their quality deteriorates. Thus, it can’t be consumed or used directly. The minerals and chemical present in water may carry affects its usage. This is why, before water is used, it needs to be filtered properly with a water filtration treatment system. Multiple types of water filtration systems are used to get water free of all toxins.

Filtration by Membrane:

Membrane water filtration treatment forces water through a membrane by a pressure differential, which separates it from even the smallest suspended or dissolved particles. Tertiary filtration, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis desalination are some of our treatment applications. After proper pre-treatment and disinfection, these filters can produce high-quality drinking water, industrial process water, or wastewater reuse for non-potable applications.

Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation:

In Ultraviolet Radiation water filtration treatment, water is exposed to UV light, microorganisms are killed and their reproduction is halted. However, if not combined with a RO filter, UV radiation alone cannot remove impurities and heavy metals. This kind of water filtration system is most commonly used in residential & commercial set-ups.


Water is said to be acidic when its pH falls below 6.5. If the water becomes acidic, it can corrode soft metals like copper in your home's heating cylinders, equipment, and pipework. As a result, water filtration and purification have become critical in all residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial settings.

Activated Carbon:

These are commonly used in residential water filtration treatment, such as those found on faucets, under sinks, and in water pitchers. They are also known as carbon filters or activated charcoal water filter treatments. Activated carbon filters are extremely effective at attracting and adsorbing pollutants, thereby removing them from water. This material works without electricity and is inexpensive, but it falls short of removing minerals and dissolved organic matter.

These are some of the most common water filtration systems that are used everywhere around the world to purify water. While some water treatment systems are more common than other kinds in certain areas.