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Why To Install A Shower Water Filter in Bathroom

Why To Install A Shower Water Filter in Bathroom
16 Mar 2023

These days the quality has reduced by miles than say for instance a hundred years ago. This is because there are a lot of pollutants that are discharged into water bodies from various industries and residential areas too. This causes the quality of water to degrade. While to combat this problem, people install a water filter to filter and purify the drinkable water. By installing a water purifier, you can quality check the water that you consume and keep your internal organ free of outer toxins. But what about the biggest organ of your body - the skin? When your skin is exposed to this quality of water it can cause harm to your skin. To combat skin conditions, people use shower water filters too. Let’s see how a shower filter can help you out:

Clean Water From Chlorine:

This may not be a widely known fact but your tap water has more chlorine than anywhere else. This chlorine when exposed and absorbed by our skin, can affect your skin for the worse. If you are one of those people who have sensitive skin, then you must indulge in a good shower water filter.

Reduces Microbes:

For people who have skin problems like eczema or other such skin diseases, the quality of water can have a huge impact on their skin. The microbes that are present in regular tap water can affect your skin problem. A shower filter helps to filter out various types of microbes that are present in water. This soothes your skin and allows your skin to relax. 

Quality of Hair:

If you are one of those people who regularly battle with hair fall, roughness and frizz. Just buying the best quality hair products won’t solve your problem unless your shower water is clear of toxins. Various pollutants present in the water can affect the quality of hair. This is why a water filter can help you improve the quality of the water.

Health Problems:

While it may seem like an exaggeration but in reality it is true. When you are exposing yourself to toxic shower water, in the long run, it can even spruce problems like skin cancer. There have been some studies by medical researchers who have found a link between skin cancer and chemicals present in regular tap water. Such diseases can also be avoided by some measures by installing a shower water filter.

These are some of the perks that you can get when you are picking a shower water filter for your bathroom. We all know the quality of water is not good in any of the top metropolitan cities around the globe. Thus, having a shower filter is an easy way to ensure your skin, hair and overall body remain safe and healthy.