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Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting

A rainwater harvesting system collects and filters rainwater so that it may be utilised for a number of purposes.

The rainwater treatment device collects and filters rainwater from roof surfaces and transports it to underneath storage tanks. Rainwater is directed to the storage tank via a tiny vortex filter. All dirt and debris are flushed down the drain or deposited in a soakaway. The top layer often overflows, ensuring that no floatable material contaminates the water. The pump intake floats just beneath the water's surface, where the cleanest water may be found. The pump extracts rainwater from this place. A ball float suspends the intake valve, which also serves as a filter. The pressure valve is responsible for distributing water to your draw off points. If the water level in the tank falls below a specific level during dry periods, the system will automatically top it up with mains water.

Rainwater treatment systems can be utilised for residential, commercial, and agricultural purposes. The following are the advantages of installing this system:

  • Installation is simple.
  • Low operating expenses and almost no upkeep.
  • You save money on Irish water rates.
  • Free and unrestricted access to water.

Approved agent for RainSafe rainwater harvesting treatment systems that treat harmful rainwater into “better than bottled” drinking water, with no changes needed to the internal plumbing system of your house or business.

The following link to the youtube video explains the whole process :


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