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Water Filtration

Water Filtration

We render our quality water filtration service in Cork and Kerry, through the process of water filtration & purification involves the elimination of pollutants from impure water to produce pristine, hygienic and pure drinking water. Through water filtration treatment substances which are generally removed from dirty water to make it suitable for human consumption include bacteria, suspended solids, algae, fungi, viruses, man-made pollutants like fertilisers and minerals such as sulphur, manganese and iron.

Suitable measures must be taken so that the consumer end can have access to desirable quality water. And that includes protection of treated water throughout conveyance as well as distribution. With the supply & installation of an appropriately sized filter and the right kind of media, it is quite easy to achieve clean drinking water using a minimal amount of maintenance. Every filter sold and installed by O’Brien Water Services is built according to the water and the specific chemicals that would need water filtration treatment, at our workshop. The entire task proceeded after conducting a water test to check the amount of water filtration and purification needed in areas like Cork and Kerry.

If you’d like to know more about how to get your water analysed, get in touch with us for a laboratory-accredited water test.

  • IRON AND MANGANESE REMOVAL: It refers to the elimination of trace elements of Iron and Manganese found in various states in water. These are removed by different media, depending on the chemical make-up of each water supply.
  • WATER SOFTENERS: If there is hardness in the water, it can quite easily lead to the accumulation of limescale in appliances like washing machines, kettles, etc. Hard water can reduce soap’s lather, and react with it to create a sticky scum-like residue. Water Softener water filtration treatment removes this hardness to protect boilers, hot water cylinders and domestic appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.
  • pH CORRECTION: When the pH of water becomes lower than 6.5, it is said to be acidic. If the water turns acidic, it can corrode soft metals like copper in heating cylinders, equipment and pipework in your house. Thus, water filtration and purification become very important in areas like Cork and Kerry.
  • UV FILTERS: Using UV water filtration treatment can kill bacteria which might be present in water.
  • RO FILTERS: RO stands for reverse osmosis or hyperfiltration, and is at present, the best water filtration process available in Cork and Kerry. It is commonly preferred by companies vending premium bottled water. It is highly effective in either significantly reducing or removing a range of contaminants. A standard under-sink unit is generally what’s required for obtaining clean drinking water.

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