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Water Pumps

Water Pumps

O’Brien Water Services follows a professional & steadfast approach when it comes to solving pumping issues and providing quick pumping solutions in Cork. Each of our submersible water pump equipment and service pumps comes with a warranty of 24 months, thus heralding our commitment as a trusted water pump supplier in Cork and Kerry, towards utilising top quality products only for benefitting of our valued customers.

In our endeavour as a water pumps supplier in Cork and Kerry, we specialise in the distribution, installation and servicing of an array of heavy-duty water pump systems and service pumps suitable for domestic, commercial, municipal, industrial & agricultural markets. The products that we stock in our workshop are manufactured as per high standards along with all necessary approvals & accreditations, and therefore, are extremely efficient & reliable. We supply a wide range of overhead & submersible pumping solutions in Cork for a plethora of applications, ranging from shallow wells for domestic water distribution to deep boreholes for industrial & agricultural purposes. Our company also offers protective devices and accessories to ensure the long-term functionality of the pumps.

At O’Brien Water Services, we are a proud water pumps supplier, supplying a wide variety of pumping solutions and service water pumps in Cork suitable for various rainwater harvesting applications, sprinklers, wastewater pumps and parlour wash down pumps. Our qualified and skilled tradespeople can also perform the installation of water fountains, in addition to offering design recommendations on what’s most suitable for your specific needs. We have an extensive variety of fountain pumps, right from garden features up to big municipal fountains.

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