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We O’Brien Water Services, are the sole “controller” of your personal data which is provided to us or given access to. Which allows us to make the decision about the information we hold and what we wish to do with it. We adhere to the law of the land of Ireland regarding privacy. This privacy policy notice highlights the pointers on how, what and why we collect and what we do not do. 

How We Collect Your Data:

We collect your data when the user submits an enquiry form, responds to communication, fills in the contact form, requests a quote or signs up. The information that you send to us allows us to revert back to you, and send us our newsletter, marketing communication, advertisements and updates. We may also fetch additional information from reputable third-party sources such as LinkedIn, Facebook etc for marketing purposes only. We give full transparency on how we lawfully and fairly use the data.

What Information Do We Collect:

We collect the following information from our clients: first name, last name or company name, date of birth, and contact information such as email address, phone number and address. The information allows us to help foster an interpersonal relationship with our clients, and send them our newsletters and other marketing communications.

Why Do We Do Need It:

We need your personal information for the following reasons:

- Manage the enquiries made by you related to our products and services
- Create an interpersonal relationship with our clients
- If you subscribe to our newsletters, we send them to us via the contact information provided to us.
- Enables us to get first-hand reviews regarding our website and services.

What We Do Not Do:

- We do not retain any personal information of yours that we do not require for easy facilitation of services.

- We do not share your personal information with other third parties in exchange for profit or favours.

- Financial or banking information filled in for fulfilment payment of services are strictly not stored by us.

Your Rights:

- You may ask us to delete your information stored on our server, whenever you please and we shall comply.

- You can ask us to transfer your personal information.

- Restrict us from accessing personal information.

- Raise objection against making the decision on your behalf.

- File a complaint to the respective lawful authority or take legal action if we are found guilty of violating the policy stated above or violating the privacy laws of the land i.e., the Republic of Ireland.